Gershgoods – The Journey (volume 1)

Thanks for joining me on our new journey. To our incredibly faithful producers, customers and to the consumers who have enjoyed the creative mastery of the products we carefully select and present to those who simply find beautiful food a lifestyle choice.

I expect like many, reinventing ourselves and recognising change with the need to evolve is not just necessary, it’s a fundamental requirement for survival. We all need to evolve and adapt to our surounding and as many may have experienced, if we hesitate for too long, you can lose momentum.

I have incredible faith in the world although we are all tested every day. In this context, I’m sure many of us recognise the marketplace, our communities that we all contribute to and enjoy have become incredibly dynamic primarily driven by social technology, connectivity and information overload which is increasing at a crazy pace. I must say, it’s also a heap of fun, a great place to share and tell some fantastic stories.

Yes, our recent frontier (eCommerce). After 12 years this will enable Gershgoods to reach out to places others fear to go. I hope you enjoy this new look Gershgoods website. We also will be launching our Wholesale Shop early next year which will significantly improve our connection with all our Customers. Easier access to products, online ordering and access to good information and knowledge to help tell the story.

It’s still important to stay grounded and focus on the family. Staying well and spending time with friends, although a precarious balance, is good for the soul and not to be consumed by working at an unsustainable pace. Easier said than done.

One thing that holds our crazy journey together is the faithful – Team Gersh, without them Gershgoods simply wouldn’t exist, thanks guys and girls, much appreciated.

I would love to stay on track and share my ramblings with you each month. I look forward to connecting with more of you as we travel the culinary path together. Too much – mmm, please take care and I sincerely hope you, as I am – will enjoy this exciting next chapter of the Gershgoods journey.

With Christmas on our doorstep, I wish for you, your family and friends a safe and enjoyable experience of fun, food and time to share thoughts and stories of how we are so fortunate to have each other. A true blessing to share love with the ones you care for.

Darren Gersbach, Founder & Executive Director