Brod Kvas


Brod® Kvas the next chapter in fermented drinks, a naturally fermented beverage made from all natural, organic sugar and wild harvested ingredients by a lactic acid fermentation that fills it with live probiotic cultures.

Kvas is believed to have originated in Babylon around 5,000 years ago. From there it spread to Byzantium and then followed the trade routes north into Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. The earliest Kvas was made from fruit. Through the ages, many ingredients have been used as a base, including berries, vegetables and grains. Rye bread eventually became the most popular ingredient and has endured until this day.

The name Brod comes from the root of the Russian word for fermentation, while the plaited ring Brod Kvas logo is inspired by the karavay – the traditional Russian bread offered to guests as a symbol of welcome and hospitality.

The fermentation process packs natural sparkle and billions of probiotic lactic acid bacteria cultures into every bottle. Brewed in small batches for maximum flavour, Brod® Kvas is always a completely natural, delicious, raw, living drink that is equally great on its own or with food.

“Good” bacteria are essential for the human body to function properly. Probiotic bacteria are “healthy” bacteria that are believed to support gut health and vital digestive functions, as well as beneficially influencing other bodily processes. Everyday life – stress, pollution, poor diet – can knock your gut bacteria off balance. Consuming probiotic foods like Brod Kvas may help keep your gut functioning optimally.

Brod Kvas is always:

  • Naturally fermented · Organic and wild harvested ingredients · Vegan · Billions of live probiotic cultures per bottle · Naturally sparkling
  • Nothing artificial · No sweeteners · No GMO · No caffeine (except Brod Brown) · No lactose · No preservatives · BPA free

Brod® Kvas is a raw, living product and must be kept chilled to ensure the probiotic cultures stay alive.

We love our kvas and think you will too!


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