The Gershgoods story really starts with our farmers and small, family producers who carefully create beautiful, delicious produce. Our producers supply the finest food products, they are the artisans of the oven, our Australian & New Zealand culinary heroes. As a partner of choice Gershgoods is entrusted with maintaining this Customer Supply Chain (warehousing, sales, marketing, delivery and customer relations).

From the paddock, sea or mother earth it is of significant importance that we respect our incredible environment and the sustainability and harmony of natures offer. Our producers work tirelessly to grow and produce organic, sustainable, clean produce with a constant focus on pure, fresh quality.

Our environment, local and global is changing and needs careful consideration and support for future generations. Small business in Australia is doing it tough and we all have a chance to make a valuable contribution to the wellbeing of our agriculture and farming community. 

Supporting the farming community in Australia and New Zealand has never been more important than right now.

Gershgoods has more than 600+ customers enabling consumers to connect and create a significantly important marketplace. With 60+ carefully selected Australian & New Zealand producers, 900+ products across 22 categories there is definitely a Gersh “goods” chance there is something perfect for everyone.

Gershgoods is always on the lookout for innovative, creative new produce that will excite, educate and stimulate consumers senses to search for more. 

If you are a “Producer” (Supplier) of amazing Australia or New Zealand Produce, and believe your offer will add value to Gershgoods existing product portfolio please either click “Contact” above or if you would like to move it along, click on “New Supplier Enquiry” above (Contact menu), add your information and then simply click “Submit”. We will review your offer and make contact within approximately 72hrs to explore possible options.


Trust is a basic need for a successful partnership. Importantly, Gershgoods believes that people who view each other as necessary equals and show mutual respect achieve more. We encourage focus on solutions, not problems, and are committed to open communication to keep things together.


The consumer Marketplace is fragile however building positive relationships with our Customers requires a good understanding of their needs and wants. Gershgoods strives to understand their marketing strategies, purchasing motivations and habits, which definitely helps personalise the customer service provided.


Actively seeking knowledge about our producers and their brand story helps Gershgoods make better decisions. We believe innovation and change is driven by understanding how our Customers and their Consumers react under different circumstance that are constantly changing.


It’s wonderful when a business reaches the point where expansion and additional options can generate more profit. Gershgoods is focussed on business growth as part of the lifecycle, constantly searching for industry growth trends, and a desire for our partners to create ongoing value.


Mail to:
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Deliveries to:
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