Our customers are select delicatessens and new food stores, independent grocers and corner general stores, quality butchers, fruiterers and fishmongers, health food stores and organic shops, discerning hotels, restaurants and caterers. Our customers are the retailers at the coal-face of the food industry, and those who understand the demands of those with discerning tastes, those that understand that food is so much more than just sustenance. From grower to maker to distributor, and from retailer to the consumer at the counter, we are all bound by a simple love of truly good food. Each of these links in the Australian fine food chain are important to us. 

As you can tell, our customers are of great value and a significant part of the Gershgoods story. They are segregated into two primary channels “Retail” (locations where food is purchased by consumers for preparation inside the home e.g. Butcher’s, Deli’s, Grocers, Health Food) and “Food Service” (locations where food is purchased by consumers for consumption outside the home e.g. Cafe’s, Restaurant’s, Hotel’s).

Gershgoods has more than 600+ customers enabling consumers to connect and create a significantly important and colourful marketplace. With 60+ carefully selected Australian & New Zealand producers, 900+ products across 22 categories there is definitely a good chance we have something perfect for everyone. Our relationships and understanding of the needs of our customers, suppliers and the consumer means we are well equipped to make the right choices and anticipate market trends and demand. 

If you are a Retailer or Food Service provider and love amazing Australia or New Zealand Produce, and keen to add Gershgoods as a supply partner, please either click “Contact” above or if you would like to move it along, click on “Become a Customer”, add your information and then simply click “Submit”. We will review your offer and make contact within approximately 72hrs to explore possible options.


Butchers, Delicatessens, Grocery Stores and Health Food Stores are our specialty. Gershgoods understands how consumers purchase and the importance protecting shelf “Real Estate” is to the success of a brand.

Food service

Cafe’s, Restaurants and Hotels are constantly looking for excellent, high quality preparation food products that are easy to access and readily available. Gershgoods has a growing range of Food Service products that can service those discerning needs. 


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