An amazing addition to the Gershgoods portfolio, Brod Kvas is a naturally fermented probiotic beverage brewed from all natural and wild harvested ingredients using traditional fermentation methods. Each bottle is said to be packed with billions of living probiotic bacteria to support good gut health.

Kvas, which is not a kombucha, is believed to have originated in Babylon around 5.000 years ago. From there it spread to eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Through the ages, many ingredients have been used as a base, including berries, vegetables and grains. Rye bread eventually became the most popular ingredient and has endured until this day.

Brod Kvas. which is brewed by Maltra Foods, is promoted as live, raw, unpasteurised, naturally sparkling, low sugar and 100 per cent vegan.

Maltra Foods Vice President of Sales Jack Eydllsh says Brod Kvas as a good source of live probiotic cultures, may help promote better health,
“Good gut health has been linked to a wide range of benefits to both physical and mental health,” he said.

“The other ingredients in Brod Kvas – coffee, rosebuds, cardamom, beetroot and ginger – have been selected for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as their flavour.”

The range is available In 330ml bottles In five flavours:

  • Original Rye – brewed in classic Eastern Europe style from rye bread baked with coriander seed and sultanas.
  • Rose – kvas with aromatic sundried wild roses and cardamom.
  • Brown – kvas with a subtle hint of cinnamon and clove and a smooth cold brew coffee finish.
  • Green – kvas with hemp, lemon myrtle and fennel seeds.
  • Ruby – kvas with beetroot. ginger and turmeric