One of the biggest challenges we have in Small Business is connectivity. Being aware of what drives an effective well connected business and how to develop an approach to Increase Revenue, Contain Costs & Improve Productivity is very useful and a sensible approach but hard to achieve. The learning curve at Gershgoods was something we wanted to share with our community even though we are at the starting gate from an ecommerce perspective. What we have learnt, do it well or don’t do it until you are ready to commit.

Some of the simple however tricky questions we were asked by our ecommerce partner, MYWEBINTUNE Pty Ltd. So…. where does a website fit or sit in your business? What are you going to try and achieve? What first and longer term impression would you like your Producers, Customers, Partners, Consumers and Visitors to take away from their online experience with you?

If you have products and/or services, it makes sense to have a website (online presence) that hopefully defines who you are, what you do and what you are trying to achieve. Creating interest, although sounds simple, can evolve and develop into an ART form of sorts over time. First up however, keep things simple and worthwhile. You can spend an enormous amount of time and money with minimal ROI. The key to a successful website journey are these four points:

  1. Develop an Online Strategy (refer to the points above, don’t rush in)
  2. Profile the Project  (understand what needs to be done and how it should add value to your business)
  3. Review the Technology (what’s on offer, will it suite my business, don’t be led astray)
  4. Understand the Financials (upfront cost, development cost, sustainable cost, possible ROI)

As part of the Customer Experience your website really does play a significant role in developing sustainable connectivity between your company and the marketplace. If recent indications are of value, 80%+ of websites add little if any value to the top or bottom line of a business.

The main objective is to make sure, in this net driven world, your online strategy starts off well, adds value, is able to grow and morph with your business and marketplace and importantly is cost effective.

Lets see how we go, I’ll try and keep you posted.