In an era of fast food and multinational mediocrity, really good food can seem hard to find. We at Gershgoods love food. We love to eat and are proud and privileged as distributors to earn our living tasting, and sharing our tastes, with our customers and friends.

This is where it starts to become slightly mis-aligned. The traditional wholesaler, those that purchase produce in bulk and on-sell it to retailers and consumers is a relatively simple model. The system obviously works however just on-selling from purely a business model to make money is very different from managing a portfolio of the best produce that can be found in Australia and New Zealand and telling the story that enables that brand or product to come alive and encapsulate the essence of the farm to the plate so much more exciting. Gershgoods is much better at story telling than just selling stuff.

We are in an ultra information attack world, where we have little time to savour our thoughts and decisions. Although Gershgoods was really ahead of its time some 12 years back, recognising Organic and Clean was significantly important, we are finding recently a common thread that the consumer is becoming more discerning and interested in, where the food they purchase actually comes from, how it was produced, what can I create with it at home, and what health benefits does it have while tasting absolutely wonderful.

The Gershgoods journey while we become more involved in the world of ecommerce is profoundly driven by the enjoyment of searching for amazing food produce, the stories that bring it alive, and the immense value we get from observing our Customers and their Consumers continue to take on the food journey, with a more relaxed and knowledgable flow of ideas and experimentation.