I was reading recently, although we take for granted that staying busy is a great way to keep the mind active no matter what you’re doing, the brain is constantly working, either because of the task at hand or because it’s already planning ahead, and the article went on to suggest this is a wonderful way to stay mentally healthy.

That comment as simple as it seems led my mind on a culinary journey of sorts. I have, like many of us been stuck at times in a mindless journey of consuming time with early morning meetings, late night deadlines, high speed weekends with only the idea of being mentally healthy having little if not any direct connection to eating habits.

The comment “we are what we eat” is profoundly worthy of interpretation however we probably don’t have time to spend analysing what changes would help improve our existence and most likely our longevity. We do seem to live for now in preference to longer term life style and goal setting. That being said, there is definitely the health conscious, gym and fitness community that really stays focused and on track. The work / life balance is definitely in need of an overhaul considering that world seems to be, metaphorically speaking, spinning faster and not going to slow down any time soon.

Yes, its a fine line between pleasure and pain. I am quietly confident, as a global community we will continue to find solutions for our complex future. Let’s pray that we can continue to feed our families and friends, and more importantly that it excites and stimulates our senses. Being health, happy and well feed is a right that all of us should be exposed to. For many not as fortunate, not having to fight for enough daily sustenance to exist would be a blessing in our busy lives.