Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) “The finest olive oil”

This is the natural olive oil that is made from the olives. It is the ‘juice’ of the olive. The oil is made by crushing, or cold pressing/cool extraction techniques to produce a natural olive oil with a free acidity, expressed as free oleic acid of not more than 0.8% and there are no defects in this oil. Extra virgin olive oil is made from perfect olives crushed as soon as possible after harvest and produced without the use of excessive heat, thus maintaining the aroma, flavour and texture of the most noble of olive oils. This is the best oil for your health! In Australia, we are proud of our Australian Code of Practice for extra virgin olive oils. This symbol says you have the best extra virgin olive oil Australia produces. If an extra virgin olive oil does not have this Australian COP symbol please ask why? All Australian producers should be signed up to this code so you know you are getting the right oil! This symbol means what we put into our bottles is certified 100% high quality Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

How do we produce this high quality extra virgin olive oil?

We harvest from only hanging fruit, nothing is picked up off the ground and brought into the mill. We process our olives within 6 hours of picking and we pick using a contractor who has an umbrella catcher and shaker harvester. We don’t pick any fruit that shows signs of poor quality as this can lead to defected oil.

The fruit bins are important

It is very important to place the olives in bins that are not deep. We use short squat bins that are slotted so the air can get to the fruit. The bins are short so the olives on the bottom of the bins don’t get crushed as these issues can cause defects in the oil when it is made.

The processing is important

At Rylstone we are HACCP certified so you know we are serious about high quality processing and storage. We have our HACCP plan and we are audited every year. Every batch of oil is tested for free fatty acid in our little laboratory so we can dedicate the extra virgin olive oil storage correctly. Our oils are placed in stainless steel tanks and nitrogen blankets are kept on top of the oil to prevent the oil from oxidizing.

Our Organic Standards

We are audited by Australian Certified Organic for organic olive oil processing, storage and bottling and we are proud of our Rylstone Australian Organic extra virgin olive oil. We are also certified by JAS (Japan) and USDA for our products to be sold in Asia and the USA. Australian Olive Oil Sensory Panel, Wagga Wagga, NSW. This is the only Australian qualified panel that is certified by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) from Madrid, Spain. It is rigorously tested annually and all members must pass the IOOC training continuously. Jayne is a leading qualified panel member of this prestigious committee of Australian tasters has been a panel member and taster since its inception in 2003.