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Darren Gersbach

Darren Gersbach s our founder, Managing Director and fearless leader of gershgoods. Fondly known as Gersh, Darren is responsible for our focus in the marketplace, building relationships with our customers, generally keeping us sharp and focussed.


David Dodd is our General Manager, responsible for the deployment of our strategy, management of operations, including human resources, keeps the whole team grooving smoothly.


Fernanda Teles is our Supply Chain Manager, looking after all things logistics, keeps the office and warehouse in check. She is also responsible for purchasing and keeping smiles on our dials.


Stephanie Mazure takes care of newsletters, events, media and day to day marketing including social media. Importantly, she also cooks like a champion!






Steph Mazure in a frame




Luke Walker is the happy chap on the other end of the phone. Office based, he assists our on-the-road sales reps, and can answer any of your telephone sales questions. Coffee related enquiries are directed to Luke, who can do everything from make an excellent cup to install your new coffee machine. Luke also looks after sales to our Blue Mountains customers.


Jess Mallam is a woman on a mission – conducting telephone and on the road sales on the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Newcastle.


Sasha Tracey holds things together for the sales team. Expect to hear her dulcet tones soon – she'll be calling you!


Matthew Williamson is on the job – packing orders and ensuring everything in the warehouse is in its place.


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